Bejar Golf (Salamanca)

21 Oct , 2015  

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Very near the town of Cuellar, around two kilometers in the direction of Cantalejo, it is “La Vega” a large meadow old pasture area, where you will find the golf course Villa de Cuellar today, in an area of 25 hectares.

A beautiful 9-hole course with double tour, where you can play golf using almost every club in the bag. Respectful of the environment, has most of the streets of native grass and designed on a meadow in which were respected gently rolling terrain and existing channels. It is a flat course bypassed on the right by a river with a large grove.

There, next to the Espadañal beside pine, poplar groves, wetland and delimited by the Cerquilla stream, you can walk its nine double output, which is considered one of the best fields of Castilla and Leon.

The facilities are municipal and managed by the Golf Club Villa de Cuellar, from March 1997 that started. Born fruit of the passion for golf a group of friends and efforts to bring Cuellar playing golf was in the beginning a rustic field until the irrigation network in 2003 was installed, it is going to be held from Campo Verde then by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.


Tel. +34 618 776 578


Alameda de Riofrío s/n – 37700 Béjar – Salamanca (Spain)

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