Castiello Golf (Asturias)

18 Aug , 2015  

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The Castiello Golf Club day July 17, 1958 was inaugurated being its promoter Félix Cifuentes, along with other 200 Asturian / as sports enthusiasts. Its first president was Javier Loring Guilhou.

In the beginning, the area occupied for rent was about 160,000 m2 and a 9-hole course. The year 1981 marked another milestone in the evolution of the Club undertaken an expansion to 18 regulation holes. Subsequently new farms are added, revised and improved several holes and reaches the year 2004 when the partners acquired the property from the current Club.

It is the oldest golf club in Asturias and October 19, 1998 received the distinction of incorporating its original name the title of Real Club de Golf de Castiello and use the crown on his official seal. Currently it has about 550 family members.

The Club is located 5 km from Gijón, at an elevation of the parish of Castiello de Bernueces with stunning views of the varied landscape of trees and meadows. The name comes from the Latin term Castiello Castrum and its diminutive Castelum that is at the origin of this name and referred us to the era of Roman colonization of Gijón.


Tel. +34 985 366 313


C/ Camino del Golf Nº 696 – 33394 Gijón (Asturias) Spain

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