Manises Golf (Valencia)

5 Aug , 2015  

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The Airport Master Plan approved in Valencia in 2001, foresaw the need to expand the raceway with the consequent condition of the grounds of the golf course.

Planning the execution of the works of the Master Plan accelerated with the celebration in 2006 of the America’s Cup in Valencia and the need to provide adequate airport and expanded facilities, according to the new airport requirements.

The condition of the golf course, caused directly by the expansion of the airport taxiway, meant the loss of three holes of the course.

The original course designed by Javier Arana has faced the need for remodeling to maintain an adequate field to the great golfing tradition and tradition that holds this club in its 50 years of existence.

To do this, the designer D.ALFONSO Vidaor Ameztoy, Civil Engineer Manager design company GREEN PROJECT golf director was selected.

After the analysis of eight alternatives selected one that has allowed the creation of a par 72 based three par 5, three par 4 and three par 3, which improves the original design parameters.

The refurbishment has required adapting existing practice field and practice area, creating 4 new holes and remodel the rest of holes, creating new tees and bunkers along the path to restore the parameters of play today.

In addition, the overall system is improved field drainage, allowing an extension to the pits not affected in the future, and a significant improvement of the irrigation system in the affected holes and overall water management system.

The design parameters and technical specifications correspond to the needs imposed by the characteristics of the players today (distances, obstacles, bars output) and each day more demanding criteria maintenance (drainage, mowing heights, etc.) .

The renovation of the field, started in July 2006, they have lasted a year and a half, having been inaugurated the new route in April 2008.


Tel. +34 961 53 40 69


C/ Maestrat, 1, 46940 Manises, (Valencia) Spain

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