Hierro 3 Reino de Leon (Leon)

30 Oct , 2015  

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Golf Club 3-Iron Kingdom of Leon, the third founded in the country, officially founded in 1998, given the lack of alternatives and a legacy of the pioneers of golf in León who practiced with enthusiasm this extraordinary game eras Pobladura de Bernesga.

Currently, 200 associated with this club still practice golf in the same conditions as did his predecessors, they turned into true fans of this game.

Despite the passage of time and the emergence of several golf courses in the province, the club remains successful because of the maintenance of philosophy with which he was born, which is none other than to get this game to all kinds of people regardless of sex, age and physical and social condition. To this end, it keeps the original amount of their dues and the utmost respect for the environment. It has thus become a club whose members practice a golf absolutely respectful with the environment. The proof of the success of this formula gives the game loyalty of its members, the monitoring usually made of regional tournaments and the magnificent results that they get.



C/ De Arriba 43 24197, Villanueva del Árbol – Leon (Spain)

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