Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia)

21 Aug , 2015  

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The Golf Club “Los Angeles de San Rafael” is an entertaining and varied par 71 of 6328 meters in length with a striking design characterized by its integration into the natural environment, a spectacular oak dotted with towering rocks traversed by the deep wound of the ravine the Moors River.

The course design has aimed from the beginning to protect and enhance the original features of this unique property.

Blake Stirling and Marco Martin have made a fun and demanding precision field, both desirable qualities in golf, not to mention a touch of randomness as manifested with two bunkers fairway 2 (Penal design), in homage to the hundreds of “unfair bunkers” protecting golf courses in Scotland.

The course offers multiple game options, with great variety in the orientacioens of the holes and the visual domain. Its length and demanding design credit him for holding international competitions.

Two different and complementary routes, with a very technical first round and well defended by bunkers and a second spectacular drive, with hole and greater length and width less prominence of the sand traps.

Definitely play this course will provide many and varied sensations, but surely all golfers will agree to define it as “a beautiful golf course in a unique environment.”

“Los Angeles de San Rafael” has a single field, carved in the ancient granite Guadarrama, which certainly gives it a unique personality.


Tel. +34 921 174 322


Av. los Ángeles, 40424 Los Ángeles de San Rafael, (Segovia) Spain

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