Sierra Golf (Murcia)

14 Aug , 2015  

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Discover historical and cultural Murcia. With thousands of years of history and remains of its Iberian, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine and Arab settlers, medieval castles scatter the region, amphitheatres and Roman ruins feature prominently and the portico of Murcia cathedral represents the best example of Spanish baroque style. The history and culture Murcia offers is wholly unique.

Murcia is an excellent region for all kinds of sports and water activities. From all kinds of sailing or water-skiing in the Mar Menor to scuba diving in the marine reserves and shoals off the Murcia’s coast, with abundant flora, fauna and wrecks you won’t find anywhere else in the Mediterranean Sea.

Balsicas is a district town of Murcia, and holds a strategic position regarding communications, since it has a railway station that covers all the area.

This district is 34 km down to the south-east of Murcia city, 40 km up to the north of Cartagena, and only 12 km away from sandy beaches.

History and Culture: In Balsicas you can find places of historical and cultural interest, such as the Ermita de Torrijos, the Caseron de Ros and La Maraña. Palaeo-anthropological remains were found in this area, formed by cranial and maxillary fragments which belong to the archaeological site Sima de las Palomas.

Communications: Balsicas is very close to San Javier Airport (15 Km.) and Alicante Airport (70 Km.). Furthermore, it is near the town of San Javier, the Mar Menor and San Pedro del Pinatar.

Gastronomy: It is traditional to eat ‘melón con jamón’ and ‘migas con tropezones’. The cordiales and delicias are among the best bakeries –very common in families at Christmas- and the flores – made to commemorate festivities such as the Holy Communions-.

Festivals: On the 7th October Balsicas commemorates the Patron saint’s day in honor of Nuestra Señora del Rosario. On the 28th of December (Fools joke day) is celebrated, one of the oldest festivities in the area, with the exhibition of rebuznos, dances and traditional singings called Pujados and gastronomic tastings. The Holy Week processions are also very famous.

Environment: In the natural spot of Balsicas you can enjoy an unusual ecosystem formed by pine forests and a water course, where the waters flow into the Mar Menor. In its fertile plain, there is an elevation named Cabezo Gordo, where it stands out the Cueva del Agua with tunnels that cross the entire mountain.


Tel. +34 968 018 257


Hacienda El Escobar, Ctra. C-3319, s/n, 30591 Balsicas (Murcia) Spain

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