Vista Hermosa Golf Club (Cadiz)

14 Oct , 2015  

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The Casa Grande was watch from the beach of El Buzo, where it appeared that the diving that so much attention. The house, is French Basque style, whitewashed tomb was protruding between the dunes of Santa Catalina, including brooms and pines, among the orchards of mayetos and yellow swirling esplanade by the rugged coastline from the port. Getting there and beyond, it was always an adventure, like those excursions, a donkey, our grandparents. Halfway between El Puerto and Rota, without even establishing military base facilities, a carpet of plants and sand stretched for the future coast of light. Early in the century, the Osborne family who lived in the Big House erected Sevilla, real emblem of this corner of Puerto. The longest adventure for that village was yet to come: host the flourishing development of Vistahermosa and its golf club.

With over 35 years of history of Vista Hermosa Golf Club and is a veteran organization and from a recognized and respected principle, that all this time has been the mirror of good work and social and cultural activities in the province, in addition to its tourist attraction as a pioneering initiative. The May 12, 1975 the minutes of the meeting to constitute the Recreational Club “Vista Hermosa Golf Club” was being drafted.

Earlier, in 1968, the urbanization of Vistahermosa, an enclave of cottages became flagship of a new concept in urban planning in the province was established. Around the solemn Casa Grande of Osborne it was weaving a network of streets that would lead to the development.

Dune near the house were waiting to become one of the first golf courses in Andalucia. During those years of waiting for the implementation of the field, a practice tee allowed the increasing number of freaks “kill the bug” and promote this sport among the locals. Fans of Vista Hermosa then went to the nearby golf Base, but, of course, was not the same as having the game “at home”. In 1973 the final draft camp began. Progolf company was responsible for planning the ground, with its 150,000 square meters initial 9 holes.


Tel. +34 956 541 968


Calle Clipper s/n Urbanización Vista Hermosa 11500 · El Puerto de Sta. María – Cádiz (Spain)

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